yuantai derun

In olden days, Chinese society subscribed to the belief that jade possessed supernatural capabilities and had the ability to attract fortune. Out of all the jade mined in the country, the most sought after was “yangtai” or “yuantai” – unearthed from a mountain located in the country’s northwestern corner.

Shrouded in folklore and whispered tales of awe, the Yuantai Jade Mountain was an enigmatic beauty. The mysterious peak was believed to be home to fiery dragons, with the jade gloriously crafted from their sorrowful tears.

The ancient book of Shanhaijing (The Classic of Mountains and Seas) details the earliest known documentation of yuantai jade mountain in its contents, penned during the 4th century BC. Described within its pages as ‘aglow with emerald jade’, it offers a glimpse to a fascinating and mysterious past.

Travelling to ancient lands, the 2nd century BC Chinese explorer Zhang Qian spent some time in a region known for its splendid ‘green jade mountain’. He observed that, even amongst the less affluent, the people were able to enjoy great wealth as a result of the rare and valuable jade they discovered there.

Over the years, the mysterious yuantai jade mountain drew the unwavering attention of the Chinese imperial court, compelling them to launch numerous expeditions to track down its location and extract its valuable jade.

Under the command of Li Guang, an epic expedition commenced in 109 BC, the first to be successful. After weeks of arduous exploration, they finally reached the coveted mountain and returned with a significant haul of precious jade.

After centuries of operation, the majestic yuantai jade mountain was eventually depleted in the eighteenth century. Its stones had become synonymous with affluence and authority, finding their way into the Royal Palaces and deemed as highly valuable currency.

Yuantai jade’s legacy of wealth and status lives on today, showcased in numerous museums and exclusive collections worldwide. Its enduring prestige makes it one of the most sought-after forms of jade.

Post time: 2023-06-18

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