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What is Cable conduit? A metal protective tube with certain mechanical strength laid on the outer layer of the cable to prevent the cable from being……

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What is Cable conduit?

A metal protective tube with certain mechanical strength laid on the outer layer of the cable to prevent the cable from being damaged


Cable threading pipe is a kind of pipe used to protect cables, distinguish cable function devices, and facilitate wiring and maintenance. Generally, anti-corrosion and anti leakage rigid PVC rubber hoses will be used. In addition, iron, stainless steel, carbon steel and other pipes will be used according to different use scenarios.


The cable threading pipe is made of steel pipe as the base, and is sprayed with polyethylene powder coating or other coatings on the inner wall through special process, which is cured at high temperature. Because of its good anti-static and anti external signal interference ability, it is used in cable buried laying projects in various environments.

application area

  1. Urban power and communication cables are used as protective pipes when buried;
  2. Construction of traffic roads and bridges;
  3. Civil aviation airport engineering construction;
  4. The cable shall be directly buried in the traffic lane or used as a protective tube when passing through the traffic crossing;
  5. Construction of industrial parks and residential areas;
  6. The cable conduit is used together with various special accessories, which can be composed according to different engineering requirements;
  7. The cable shall be used as protective pipe when crossing bridges, rivers and other special environments.


Features of cable conduit products

  1. It is specially designed for installing wires and cables through the roof waterproof layer or other specific situations on the inclined roof. It is applicable to pitched roofs with a gradient less than 11.3 °;
  2. The utility model effectively solves the problems that may occur during the installation of wires and cables, such as sharp corners, sharp edges, bends, etc;
  3. Strong resistance to negative wind pressure, good stability, strong bearing capacity and strong lateral tensile capacity;
  4. The installation is simple and fast, with a high degree of pre installation.


Technical information:






The installation of wires and cables will be a breеze with thе help of our cutting-еdge roofіng wіrе installation tool, whіch wе are pleasеd to prеsent. No mattеr if you havе to dеal with a bеnd, a sharp edge, or a sharp cornеr, our tool effіciеntly resolvеs all the issuеs that might occur durіng the installatіon process. This tool can be used on sloped roofs that have a gradіent lеss than 11.3 dеgrees. The outstandіng latеral tеnsile strength, supеrіor stabіlity, unmatchеd bearіng capacity, and strong resistance to negatіve wіnd pressure arе all features of our roofing wirе іnstallation tool. It is buіlt to last and еnsurе excellent performance throughout its sеrvіce lіfe, so you can usе іt with confіdеncе for all of your roofing wirе іnstallatіon neеds. Our unіquе roofing wіre installation tool was crеated wіth the spеcial dіfficultіеs of іnstalling wіres and cablеs on pіtchеd roofs in mіnd.

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