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Jayco RV owners looking to have electricity while away from home now have an easier and more cost-friendly solution with the Jayco Solar Ready Kit. This powerful system is a perfect combination of a solar panel, inverter, controller, and two 12V batteries which can provide enough power for recreational habitations on the go. Aspiring road warriors no longer have to worry about spending too much on a massive solar unit, thanks to this great value technology which will make any journey smoother.

Harnessing the energy of the sun, the top-tier mono-crystalline solar panel included in the Jayco Solar Ready Kit offers up to 500 watts of power, enough to cater to your RV’s energy needs. Installation is also a breeze, the panel mounting brackets conveniently taking care of accessing the roof for secure attachment.

With the RV’s kit, you’ll get a 2000 watt inverter for transforming the output from the panel into AC power -powerful enough to power all the 120V appliances your camper may contain, like fridges, microwaves, and TVs. This device also works with 12V DC tools and can be utilized to charge laptops or cell phones.

To guarantee maximum efficiency and protection, the kit contains a controller which regulates the current from the solar panel to the inverter. It monitors the charge and discharge intensity of the system’s inverter and batteries, only releasing as much power from the panel as is necessary for the inverter. This not only ensures that risks of overcharging or undercharging are diminished, but ensures that no more electricity is supplied than is desired.

This kit includes two capable 12V batteries that can stockpile up to 800 watt-hours of electricity, enough to operate most RV’s for a number of days without needing recharging. Installing the batteries into the vehicle is effortless with the provided mounting brackets. Once invested, these batteries can be renewed either via the solar panel, or the standard procedure of utilizing an AC power outlet.

For RV owners wanting to install a Jayco Solar Ready Kit, the process should prove relatively straightforward. Everything required for assembly is provided with the kit, while detailed instructions ensure that no one gets tripped up. The time needed to put it together is minor, usually taking an hour or two at the most.

RV enthusiasts on the lookout for a budget-friendly way to power their vehicles are in luck. Jayco Solar Ready Kit offers a cost effective solution that is straightforward and simple to install. Packing enough voltage to manage the needs of most RVs, this system is an ideal tool for savvy adventurers who are looking to pinch pennies and be environmentally conscious at the same time.

The Jayco Solar Ready Kit is an innovative way to light up your RV with the power of the sun. For those seeking an eco-friendly and convenient source of energy, this is the perfect solution. Installing it into your vehicle is easy and requires no special expertise or tools. The kit comes equipped with solar panels and mount brackets for easy setup, as well as an inverter to convert solar power into AC power. It provides RV owners with the opportunity to reduce their energy reliance and fuel costs, while also protecting the environment. Take advantage of this revolutionary technology and charge up your vehicle today!

With the Jayco Solar Ready Kit, RV owners can capture the effulgence of the sun to energize their RV and enjoy dependable power during their ventures. By providing a complete set of indispensable features, the kit empowers RVers to take advantage of economical solar energy sources that offer stability and convenience. Included in the package are a photovoltaic panel, charge controller, and necessary hardware for mounting components.

The highly efficient monocrystalline solar panel provided in this set has the capacity to generate up to 320 watts of electricity – an adequate supply to address most of your recreational vehicle’s typical electrical requirements. What’s more, with the addition of extra solar panels the total energy output can reach impressive 1,280 Watts. The included charge controller offers added convenience as it is competent enough to manage up to four solar panels at once, enabling effortless system expansion when desired.

With the kit’s specialized mounting hardware, setting up your solar panel on the roof of your recreational vehicle won’t be a stressful ordeal. The accompanying wiring harness and mounting bracket adds an extra layer of convenience and simplifies the entire setup process significantly.

The solar panel kit comes with more than just the solar panel and hardware – a 30 amp RV power converter is also included. This converter acts as a bridge between your solar panel and your RV’s AC power system, allowing for both the charging of your RV’s batteries directly from the solar panel as well as the use of AC appliances like a stereo or electric appliances. Essentially, you get two functions in one product – battery charging and appliance use!

RV owners can now take advantage of the sun’s energy to power their vehicle with the Jayco Solar Ready Kit. This budget-friendly option provides a reliable source of energy while you’re out exploring the highways, and contains all that you need for a straightforward setup. It doesn’t take much effort to install, and you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of solar-powered RVing in no time!

For your RV-adventuring needs, the Jayco Solar Ready Kit is the ideal way to go. With straightforward setup and all the dependablitly you’d expect from a power source, it is both cost effective and efficient. Beginners and seasoned campers alike can capitalize on the power of sunshine with this reliable yet simple system.

Post time: 2023-07-10

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