honda del sol roof seal ki

Keeping your Honda Del Sol in a pristine state requires a reliable roof seal kit. This kit is equipped with all the seals and gaskets necessary for stopping water and other particles from entering your ride. A diligently installed and constantly serviced roof seal kit will guarantee that your car looks its best and stays in exceptional condition for a prolonged time.

Since the early 90s, the popular Honda Del Sol has been a model in high demand. Distinguished by its iconic convertible roof and stunning silhouette, this vehicle has been drawing an active following of car enthusiasts, even after it was phased out of production in ’97.

For those Honda Del Sol owners, a roof seal kit may be necessary to keep out water and other debris. The seal is located between the top of the car and the body, but may become worn or damage over the years. The kit comprises all the seals and gaskets needed to remediate or reinstall the roof seal.

A kit specifically tailored to replace the seals needed for a convertible top is included. Between the body of the car and the roof sits an inner seal while an outer seal lines the roof and convertible top. Lastly, a gasket positioned between these seals assists in achieving a secure and water-resistant enclosure.

Replacing a roof seal kit can be achieved in a few hours, making it a doable project for even the least experienced DIY-er. First up is to take out the existing seal and sealant – this can be achieved by using a flathead screwdriver to carefully lift the edges of the old seal. Once detached, fitting in the new seal should take minimal effort.

The following step is to affix the gasket properly. The gasket should be set in such a way that its edges line up with the roof edge. Afterwards, the new outer seal can be fitted. The seal must be positioned in a manner that it is overlapping the gasket on the edge by a quarter of an inch.

As soon as the seals and gasket are in their rightful places, the convertible top can be set into motion to complete the process. Ultimately, the weatherstripping from the roof seal kit should be put in place to ensure that the space between the top of the convertible and its roof is properly sealed.

Whether you’re trying to fend off the elements or keep your Honda Del Sol looking its brightest, a roof seal kit is the perfect solution. Such kits ensure that moisture and other unnecessary particles don’t find their way into your vehicle, and provide a longer lifespan to keep you cruising for years to come. Plus, each kit comes with all necessary seals and gaskets needed to keep everything sealed tight.

Post time: 2023-06-25

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