solar screen kits

A solar screen kit is a simple and effective solution for keeping your home cooler during the summer months, all while helping to reduce your air conditioning costs. Installation of these window hideaways is easy and they are available in a selection of sizes so that you can find the right fit for your windows. Taking advantage of this form of shielding allows you to keep out the hot rays of the sun and enjoy a cooler, more comfortable environment inside.

Two kinds of solar screen kits are available for window installation – the static and the dynamic. The static kits arrive with solar screens that have been cut to size, affixable with tape or Velcro. On the other hand, dynamic kits come with a solar screen prepared to fit in a window frame, ready for mounting.

A vast range of materials, such as mesh, fabric, and film, are used to craft solar screens. Mesh is the most popular option due to its adeptness in enabling airflow while simultaneously blocking out the sun’s rays. Fabric screens cannot act as a robust shield against the sun but do offer some privacy. Film screens can stem the sun’s energy more efficiently but air will not be able to pass through them.

When searching for the ideal solar screen kit, you have to consider the corresponding size that fits your windows. Use a solar screen calculator or measure your windows as a guide to get the appropriate dimensions. Additionally, it is significant to determine the material type that suits your needs best for the screens.

Once you obtain your solar screen set, assembling it is effortless. If you’re dealing with a static kit, start by wiping down your window before affixing the solar screen. On the other hand, with a dynamic kit, fit the frame into your window first and then securely attach the screen.

With solar screens, the sun’s powerful rays can be repelled, allowing you to preserve a cooler temperature indoors and reduce reliance on your air conditioning unit. An easy installation is guaranteed when you purchase one of the many solar screen kits on the market which are tailored to fit any type of window. Your home will thank you for cutting down on energy costs while also maintaining a comfortable climate.

Post time: 2023-06-27

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