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The Go Power! Solar Flex Kit is the perfect way to cut those cords to the electric grid and produce power in the comfort of your own home or during any outdoor venture. This comprehensive, no-hassle solar system includes a panel, a battery, a charge controller, plus all the required wires and accompanying mounting hardware. Finally, off-grid peace of mind for adventurers and homeowners alike!

For convenience on the go, the Solar Flex Kit offers an innovative way to take advantage of the sun’s energy – in a lightweight and portable form. Its 100-Watt solar panel quickly collapses and can be stowed away with ease. Plus, its adjustable brackets allow you to tilt the array towards the optimal angle to earn maximum benefit from the sun’s rays. Whether you use it on your rooftop or just place it on the ground, this unique product offers a simple and effective way to harness solar power.

The vital battery that the Solar Flex Kit supplies is an AGM deep cycle one, adept at undergoing challenging conditions and supplying steadfast energy over extended periods. Not only is its installation and upkeep convenient, but it is engineered to endure.

Included in the Solar Flex Kit is a carefully engineered charge controller, designed to protect the battery from inefficient usage. It can actively adjust the charging and discharging of energy, maintaining an optimal rate so as to maximize system efficiency. The device is user-friendly and powerful, making sure that your battery never faces overcharging or over-discharging.

The Solar Flex Kit comes with all the necessaries to make installation a breeze – connecting the solar panel to the charge controller and battery is simple, along with the supply of included wiring and mounting hardware. Installing your energy-collecting system is highly achievable in any desired location.

The Go Power! Solar Flex Kit is the perfect choice for anyone wishing to sever their ties with the power grid. Its easy-to-assemble configuration makes it ideal for a range of locations, including remote living, quick camping trips, and any other situation where you desire a dependable energy source. Included with the kit is a battery and charge controller – these allow you to store energy for later use, providing you with endless possibilities. It’s your ideal solution for those looking to break the grip of the power grid.

The Solar Flex Kit is the perfect pick for anyone hoping to lower their bills and go independent. Everything necessary is included, no extra purchases needed. Its parts are designed for swift assembly and dependability for the long run, ensuring its returns on your investment.

A Comprehensive Overview of the Go Power Solar Flex Kit

Go Power Solar Flex Kit has everything you need to transform your energy system into a reliable, formidable solar powerhouse. This comprehensive kit includes a solar panel, charge controller, mounting hardware, batteries, wiring, and an inverter to ensure your implementation is straightforward and efficient. You’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of solar energy quickly and effortlessly with this convenient kit!

Go Power Solar Flex Kit includes a solar panel constructed of resilient and highly efficient monocrystalline silicon. Perfect for both summer and winter climates, its advanced photovoltaic cells capture a good portion of solar energy even in lower luminosity settings. Additionally, the panel is corrosion-proof and able to withstand variable weather conditions providing an ideal outdoor solution.

The included charge controller is a Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) device, capable of adjusting the rate of the battery charging autonomously in accordance to the amount of sunlight received. This enables the battery to be charged as effectively as possible, thus maximizing its longevity. Moreover, this charging regulator includes safety features such as over-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, and reverse-polarity protection for additional peace of mind.

Built to accommodate any weather and guarantee a secure fit, the Go Power Solar Flex Kit contains top-notch aluminum mounting hardware. User-friendly and infinitely adjustable, this specialized hardware makes installation simple. Composed of a high-grade aluminum alloy, each mount departs from the common standard and pursues an absolute level of durability.

Enduring and dependable, the lead-acid deep-cycle batteries included in the kit are able to provide considerable amounts of power, capable of being recharged countless times. To add to its convenience, they present long-lasting use and are capable of maintaining their charge over extended intervals.

The Go Power Solar Flex Kit was designed with a special wiring system: one flexible and strong enough to transport the solar energy from the panel to the charge controller and onto the batteries. Additionally, this wiring was designed so as to withstand corroding and abrasive forces, while being color-coded for better convenience when installing and resolving any technical issues.

This modified sine wave inverter was designed to harness the DC energy from the batteries and switch it to AC power. With this transformation, the energy can be used with many different types of appliances, providing up to 1000 watts of energy efficiently with little power-loss.

Boasting an extensive collection of parts that are both resilient and efficient, the Go Power Solar Flex Kit is the simplest solution to acquiring and sustaining a solar energy system. It’s an all-inclusive construction set that makes establishing and preserving power stress free. Making use of pieces specifically designed for extended use, you can trust your installation to last for years.

Post time: 2023-07-15

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