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In 2016, Aurelion Sol, the Star Forger, made his grand entrance into Riot Games’ beloved online game, League of Legends. Since then, he has proven to be a fitting choice for the mid-lane and jungle battles. But with the arrival of Season 9, Riot Games made sure to give Sol a complete makeover – enhancing his abilities – for more engaging and successful gameplay in both mid-lane and jungle.

Upon initial inspection, Aurelion Sol’s suite of skills may appear clear-cut. His passive gives a boost in velocity when he’s sailing in a straight line, an activated power launches a star, going in a linear direction while releasing destruction on its trajectory, a dash to give him temporary invincibility and even more speed, and finally, his renowned universal ultimate which calls on a grand solar storm. Although these forces are undoubtedly formidable, they cannot offer the sort of versatility and influence needed by the Star Forger to conquer the mid-lane and jungles.

Aurelion Sol feels the power of the recent rework as it breathes new life into his kit. Now, with the addition of bonus movement speed granted while travelling in a rotational motion, he finds himself more agile than ever. With a new twist on his Q ability, he now has two stars soaring in unison instead of just one: the foremost star dealing hefty damage, while the second inflicts devastating splash damage. This enhancement brings forth surprising burst potential and clears waves faster than ever before.

Showcasing increased mobility, Aurelion Sol can now dash twice consecutively enabling swift repositioning in teamfights and for escaping problematic positions. His ultimate ability has been revamped to summon a solar tempest which causes devastation among his foes in a nearby radius – great for dealing with multiple opponents at once and scaring enemies away from objectives.

The latest revisions to Aurelion Sol’s design have resulted in a triumphant outcome, making him increasingly attractive to players of all skill levels. Subjects of the enhancements include improved motion, increased burst damage, extended wave clear capacity, and heightened zoning abilities, turning him into a much stronger figure in both the mid-lane and jungle domains.

Through the rework of Aurelion Sol, he has become empowered; however, proficiency still requires mastery of his strengths and limitations. It’s essential to stay one step ahead when playing him by continuously being equipped with the current meta’s commanding strategies and modifications.

In the end, Aurelion Sol’s kit remodel was a major stride forward. He is now more available in both the mid-lane and the jungle, and his invigoration has made him an incredibly captivating champion for gamers of every calibre. Skill and knowledge are still needed for him to be handled correctly, but his upgrades have established him as a considerable pick for all levels of players.

Iconic in stature, Aurelion Sol has been around quite some time, with a range of reworks since his initial introduction to the thrilling world of League of Legends. Recently Riot Games made an impressive display, having released a comprehensive rework kit that realistically transformed the champion’s playstyle and capabilities.

As a powerful mage, Aurelion Sol is renowned for his impressive area of effect damage. Prudently navigating the map, he is capable of dealing massive amounts of destruction to any enemies within his vicinity. Even if situations become dire, he has access to utility spells that can grant him safety and assure his expeditious escape. Owing to his mobility and range of offensive and defensive capabilities, Aurelion Sol is quite the formidable combatant.

The overhaul for Aurelion Sol presented some consequential changes to his kit. His passive, Center of the Universe, now benefits him with velocity when nearby a star. In turn, this permits greater maneuverability around the map as his impressive skills become available. His Q – Starsurge – is an offensive sphere of influence that launches opponents backward with damage. His W, Celestial Expansion, improves his AOE capacity with a wide range of damage and hindrance on movement. Voice of Light, Aurelion’s E ability, acts as an effective dash to bring disruption and harm to foes in its path. Ultimate ability – Comet of Legend – is utilised as a far-reaching AOE force, punishing enemies with this lengthy initiating potential and the concomitant disruption.

Aurelion Sol’s potential has been ruthlessly expanded with the release of the rework kit – enabling him to traverse the map with a newfound sense of agility, transform enemy lines into blazing infernos with his ramped-up AOE force and arm himself with improved support capabilities for saving allies and wriggling out of deadlier predicaments.

If you need a champion with nimbleness and immense power that could be unleashed to multiple adversaries simultaneously, Aurelion Sol is the one for you. Following the kit adjustments, he has been remodeled into an even more powerful and multifaceted champion that holds greater versatility in terms of mobility. He has been exceptionally enhanced in terms of moving about the map expeditiously and with his improved auxiliary capacities he is now more competent in aiding his sidekicks or making a getaway from perilous situations. With no doubt, the rework kit resulted to a commanding enchantment in Aurelion Sol’s capability.

Post time: 2023-08-06

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