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An integral part of solar power plants, solar tracking brackets play a crucial role in providing structural support for solar panels. They are usually constructed using aluminum, steel, or iron, with the fixed type being the most popular in households and commercial photovoltaic power ecosystems.

Featuring a straightforward design and straightforward installation, the fixed-type solar tracking bracket is an economical option for harnessing the power of the sun. Nevertheless, unlike trackers that rotate the solar panel to ensure it aligns with the sun’s coordinates throughout the day, this approach has limited utility as it requires that the panel is planted in a static orientation. The result is less than ideal energy production when compared to tracking models.

Three components – the bracket, the solar panel, and the tracking mechanism – comprise the active type of solar tracking bracket. The bracket is affixed to either a roof or the earth’s surface; the solar panel is then equipped to the bracket and the tracking mechanism is installed onto it. Powered by a motor, this system allows the solar panel to align with the sun’s path in order to maximally utilize its energy. While costlier than its fixed type counterpart, this innovative technology ensures that sun rays are reaped in their full capacity.

The single-axis tracking solar bracket system is a three-part device that includes the base, the panel itself, and a track on the bracket. It is secured in place on a roof or in the ground. Once the device is installed, the track is powered by a motor which in turn allows the panel to rotate and face the Sun at all times, ultimately maximizing solar energy capture. This type of tracking setup is more expensive than a fixed type, yet it yields an enhanced outcome as it enables the panel to follow the Sun accordingly.

The dual-axis type solar tracking bracket features three components: the mounting, the solar panel, and the track. This device is affixed to rooftops or grounds. Allowing the sun to drive the motorized track, it enables the solar panel to rotate so that it can capture maximum energy from the day’s conditions. Notably, this setup is more costly than a fixed installation but it promises a considerable increase in energy utilization.

Post time: 2023-06-17

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